'Top Chef' Meets 'Survivor'

'Top Chef' Meets 'Survivor'

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This new cooking competition features 3 chefs 'dropped into the wilderness with just a knife'

No Kitchen Required: Dominica, Kayne Raymond, Michael Psilakis and Madison Cowan

BBC America dropped this trailor for No Kitchen Required in our inbox, and while we are a bit tired of cooking competitions these days, at least this one isn't just fancy cooking in fancy kitchens.

Chopped Grand Champion Madison Cowan, New York restaurateur Michael Psilakis, and New Zealand chef Kayne Raymond are taken to 10 locations around the world, including Belize; Dominica; New Zealand; Fiji; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Phuket, Thailand; Hawaii; New Mexico; Louisiana; and Florida.

The challenge? The chefs are "dropped into the wilderness with just a knife. They will have to forage, fish, and fight to win the ultimate challenge: The respect of the locals."

So, the last couple on that list don't seem bad at all, but the trailor below focuses on Belize, where "the descendants no longer practice ritual sacrifice." No Kitchen Required premieres April 3 at 10/9 CT.

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