Poland Launches Inaugural Food & Drink Festival

Poland Launches Inaugural Food & Drink Festival

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Food and drink exhibitors from across the globe will head to Poland in April for WorldFood Warsaw 2014

Scores of food producers and merchants will flock to the cosmopolitan European city to exhibit their wares.

Warsaw, Poland is getting ready to launch its premier food and drink exhibition, showcasing the best in Polish food and looking for ways to promote global cuisine in the country. The WorldFood Warsaw exhibition will forge new business partnerships with supermarkets, distributors, wholesalers, restaurateurs, retailers, and food production companies.

Running from April 9 to the 14th, the exhibition will feature close to 100 companies that represent global produce vendors including fruit, vegetables, meat, spices, additives, gourmet food, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Also at the event will be distribution services as well as food packaging and processing equipment sellers.

“With an expanding middle class who are emulating Western patterns of consumption, Poland’s food industry offers a wealth of opportunities for international companies,” said Andrew Burman, international sales manager from the ITE Group, the official organizer of WorldFood Warsaw, in a statement.

The exhibition will include conferences, meetings, seminars, and on-site tastings in addition to the main event at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw. Advance tickets can be obtained from the website.

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