Stuffed vegetables

Stuffed vegetables

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In a bowl mix well the minced meat with finely chopped onion, dill and parsley, salt, pepper, a little dried thyme, washed rice, 2 tablespoons of broth and 1 teaspoon of sugar;

after homogenizing the composition we let it rest;

during this time, from the washed peppers, we remove the stalks, for the also washed pumpkins, we cut a lid and carefully dig out the middle, we do the same with 2-3 stronger tomatoes and we burn the beef leaf;

in a bowl put a few sprigs of larch, cover with finely chopped tomatoes then the vegetables stuffed with meat, cover with tomato slices, among the vegetables put sarmalute, pour the oil, tomato juice, if necessary and 1 cup of water or borscht, tomatoes which are finely chopped together with the core removed, cover with beef leaves, put a plate on top and put the dish in the oven on low heat for 1 hour, during which time we take out the dish, check the taste and if you still need sauce.

Serve the vegetables with sour cream and how other than with polenta (optional)

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