Salvatore Ferragamo’s New Tuscan Soul Quintessential Collection Harnesses The Fragrance of Italy

Salvatore Ferragamo’s New Tuscan Soul Quintessential Collection Harnesses The Fragrance of Italy

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The beauty of some fragrances isn’t necessarily in the scent or the A-list celebrity whose face is plastered all over it’s label—it’s in is the story, the traditions behind the house and the care taken to make sure that it’s a fragrance of true luxury and pleasure. Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Tuscan Soul Quintessential Collection grounds itself in the artistry and heritage of Italy, with Florentine symbolism in both scent and history. Even the release party reception took place in the marble caves of Carrara, Italy where Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo found the stone needed to make their masterpieces.

Each of the four fragrances in the new collection is named for a different symbol of Florence, the scents are meant to capture the region using marble, the violet irises of Florence, wine and the pleasure of sitting down to a shared banquet as their muse. Named Bianco di Carrara, Vendemmia, Viola Essenziale and Convivio, the perfumes are meant as a way to connect the world to Tuscan beauty and traditions. “I wanted to speak of the excellence of Tuscany and Florence through its symbols, representative of art, architecture, purity and beauty,” said creative director Massimiliano Giornetti.

The new collection is meant to be unisex as “the concept of different scents depending on genre is so old,” Giornetti said. But while the idea of separate scents may be “old” it’s Ferragamo’s heritage of tradition that makes them one of the great Italian design houses.

The bottles will be made of transparent glass allowing the distinctive colors, a mark of what each symbolizes, to show through. The 75-mil. fragrances will also come with an ash wood top and will retail at €150 (approx..$203). The collection will be available in November exclusively at Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques before becoming available in Europe and Asia, and then China and the US by February before becoming available in select department stores worldwide.

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