Honey cake with kefir and citrus cream

Honey cake with kefir and citrus cream

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For shortcakes:

  1. flour 2 cups;
  2. sugar 2 cups;
  3. kefir 2 cups;
  4. honey 2 tbsp .;
  5. eggs 2 pcs;
  6. baking powder for dough 12 grams.

For cream:

  1. butter 250 grams;
  2. condensed milk 250 grams;
  3. lemon 1 pc.;
  4. orange 1 pc.
  • Main Ingredients Sugar, Honey
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


bowl, mixer, baking dish, oven, large dish, refrigerator.


To prepare the cakes, we mix the eggs, honey, kefir and sugar with a mixer. When the sugar has completely dissolved, pour a bag of baking powder and add the sifted flour in portions. Mix everything at medium speed with a mixer. The result is a thin dough, from which we will prepare three cakes. Pour the third part of the dough into a baking dish pre-coated with paper, and send it to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. So bake all the cakes. Let the cakes cool down and start preparing the cream. To prepare the cream, mix the softened butter until condensed milk until smooth. Let’s leave the butter and milk cream for a while and go for citrus fruits. Dip the orange and lemon with boiling water, cut into small pieces and grind with a blender. Add citrus puree to the oil cream and mix with a mixer at low speed. The citrus cream is ready, the cakes are cool and we form a cake. Abundantly grease with cream each cake and side surfaces of the cake. We send the cake in the refrigerator to soak for 2 hours. We decorate the finished cake at will (I usually decorate it with chocolate) and serve it to the table.

Honey cake on kefir with citrus butter cream ready! A more detailed cooking process, see the video. Enjoy your meal!


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