Baked fish in the oven with potatoes

Baked fish in the oven with potatoes

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  1. mackerel 1-2 pcs
  2. potato 1 kg
  3. bow 1 pc
  4. cream 10% 250 gr
  5. mozzarella 150 gr
  6. salt to taste
  7. ground black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Mackerel, Potato, Onion, Cheese, Cream
  • Serving 5 servings


shape, grater, board


In a greased form, I spread the sliced ​​potatoes, finely chopped onions, add and sprinkle with ground pepper. I spread the mackerel fillet on top (you can use any fish), add cream, cover with foil and send to the preheated oven for 45 minutes. A couple of minutes before the end of cooking, I remove the foil and sprinkle the potatoes with grated cheese (I have mozzarella). Hot serve to the table!


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