Restaurant Kelly Liken Hosts 4-Course Bourbon Pairing Dinner

Restaurant Kelly Liken Hosts 4-Course Bourbon Pairing Dinner

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What’s better than bison? Bison paired with bourbon whiskey, of course.

Kelly Liken, former Top Chef contestant and chef/owner of Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail, Colo., is hosting a four-course pairing dinner with bourbon whiskey June 26.

Her special guest Ken Pierce is a master bourbon distiller at Kentucky’s Barton 1792 Distillery. Liken recently visited the award-winning distillery and took a tour along the historic Bourbon Trail.

The dinner will feature some of the finest bourbons in the country, paired with Liken’s meat-focused dishes. Crisp braised pork belly, caraway-scented potato gnocchi, roasted Colorado bison, and seven-year Cheddar will be featured in the four-course dinner.

The cost of the meal with the pairings is $99 per person, and guests will also hear from Pierce himself, who will tell tales of the distillery.

Liken, who has been seen on Food Network’s Iron Chef America as well, is pleased to feature her favorite spirit for one night.

"Many chefs are passionate about bourbon, and I'm no different," Liken said. "Bourbon is an interesting spirit because it has so many nuances, much like wine. Subtle differences in grain or aging can change the flavor profile do much. I think that's why it's so fun to play with bourbon food pairings."

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