Bascute with mushrooms

Bascute with mushrooms

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In a frying pan with a tablespoon of oil put the finely chopped mushrooms, onions and

sliced ​​garlic and hot pepper cut into thin slices.

Heat over low heat until soft.

Add the peeled tomato, without seeds and chopped into small cubes.

Season with salt and pepper.


Potatoes are cleaned, washed, sliced ​​and boiled in salted water.

After boiling, mix well with: cheese, butter, flour, milk, salt, vegeta and finely chopped parsley.

A more viscous puree should come out.


Grease a pan with oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. We place piles of mashed potatoes, and in the middle of them we put a teaspoon of hardened vegetables.

Put the tray in the oven and bake the baskets for 25-30 minutes.

They are very good both hot and cold, with grated cheese on top.

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