The Fizzy Grape Recipe

The Fizzy Grape Recipe

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Tickle your taste buds with this fizzy and fruity cocktail featuring muddled fresh red and green grapes and Barefoot Moscato Spumante.


  • 2 ounces Barefoot Moscato Spumante
  • 5 red grapes, plus extra for garnish
  • 5 green grapes, plus extra for garnish
  • 1 ½ ounces lime juice
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • Ice


In a mixing glass, muddle the grapes with lime juice and simple syrup. Add ice. Top with sparkling wine and stir. Garnish with a small bunch or skewer of red and green grapes.

The Fizzy Grape Recipe - Recipes

This Sparkling White Grape and Pineapple Spritzer
is the perfect crisp
yet smooth cocktail to wind down with.

Watch the video for this recipe!

This cocktail is made with one of my favorite rums, Malibu. It’s a white rum and it’s nice and smooth with a coconut flavor.

The coconut flavor is not overbearing and adds just the right touch to this cocktail.

You will need:

  • Sparkling white grape juice cocktail non-alcoholic
  • Pineapple chunks
  • Green grapes

Steps to make this recipe:

In a flute glass, add pineapple and grapes. Add the Malibu rum then a dd the sparkling white grape juice cocktail.
Mix and serve.

Adding pineapple and green grapes to this cocktail is a must. They enhance the taste of the cocktail and are a refreshing way to finish off this beverage.

It’s like when you were a kid and looked forward to getting to the bottom of a snow cone so that you could eat the bubble gum. Remember that?

The other ingredients used for this cocktail were sparkling white grape juice cocktail. It’s bubbly, it’s sweet and also has a slight crisp taste.

The lime was used for decoration for the photograph, but you could surely add a little lime juice to this cocktail as well.

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How to make sparkling grape soda

Just add organic grape juice (no sugar added), seltzer water, lime juice, and the optional splash of maple syrup to a glass and stir well.

I like to use Knudsen or Santa Cruz brand organic grape juice.

Lots of juices have added sugar, so you need to be sure to check the label.

If you are looking for a satisfying substitute for soda while still getting that fizz, try making this at home!

Mix it up with different flavors of juice too!

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Recipe Summary

  • 4 pounds red grapes, stemmed
  • One 750-milliliter bottle dry sparkling wine, such as Prosecco, chilled
  • 8 mint sprigs

Thinly slice 1 cup of the grapes and refrigerate. In a food processor, coarsely chop the remaining grapes in batches. Transfer the chopped grapes to a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Cook until the grapes have released most of their juice, 5 minutes.

Working in batches, strain the grape juice into a bowl, pressing hard on the solids. You should have about 3 1/2 cups of juice refrigerate until cold.

Divide the sliced grapes equally among 8 Champagne flutes. Pour the chilled fresh grape juice into the flutes and top with the sparkling wine. Garnish each drink with a mint sprig and serve right away.

Can I Adjust The Strength Of Grape Moonshine

Of course, adding less Everclear to the mixture will tame down the alcohol in the recipe. Or if you want to amp up the flavor more feel free to add more alcohol. I love how the recipe is but if you want to play around with it to find the perfect flavor feel free.

I just recommend making small adjustments so that you don&rsquot run into too much alcohol and then ruin your mixture. Been there, done that in the past, so now I add little by little and taste to our liking.

How to clean grapes

Here are the simple steps I follow to clean up the grapes whether organic or not.

1. Make sure you begin to clean them just before you make the juice otherwise ripe fruits may begin to rot once they come in contact with moisture. I usually clean them about 30 mins before I intend to juice the grapes. I also ensure they are at room temperature. If the grapes are cold, getting rid of the unwanted particles from the surface of fruits is hard.

2. Wash the grapes very well under running water and place them in a wide bowl. For 1 kg of grapes, sprinkle 2 tbsps of sea salt (powder not crystal) then spray vinegar generously.

3. Begin to destem & remove over ripe or rotten grapes. This would take about 10 to 15 mins. By then the salt completely melts.

4. Add water just enough to cover them. Rub them gently and discard the water. Repeat the rinse under running water with ample amount 3 to 4 times.

5. Drain them to a colander. You may still see whitish coating like on the grapes, just ignore it as they are the naturally occurring substance on grapes.

Stuffing Grape Leaves: A Recipe to Soothe Any Stressed-Out Cook

LEAF WELL Tomato and mint dolma, known as yaprak sarma in Cyprus.

THERE IS SOMETHING deeply calming about stuffing a grape leaf. Trust me, I know. In the early months of the pandemic, I found solace in my kitchen and, to soothe my nervous system, began to fold and roll cigarillos of vine leaves. I had learned the recipe in Cyprus while researching my latest book, a collection of recipes from all around the Eastern Mediterranean.

Biting my lip in quiet concentration, I’d unfurl each leaf onto a plate, smoothing out its wrinkles with the tips of my fingers before carefully placing a spoonful of rice at the base. I’d mold the rice into an oblong shape and turn the sides of the leaves in to meet each other. Then, deftly and—most important—confidently, I would tightly roll each leaf over itself and place it alongside others in a pot to braise.

Across the Middle East, variations on stuffed vegetables abound, but rice-filled grape leaves may be the most prized. Known as dolmades in Greece, yaprak sarmasi in Turkey, koupepia in the Republic of Cyprus and warak enab in the Palestinian territories, the dish gets a unique array of stuffings, spices and aromatics depending on the context. When I was growing up, my Iranian mother made dolmeh for special occasions, shaping them into fat triangles she filled with rice, ground lamb and yellow split peas, and steamed in a sweet and sour broth made with verjuice and sugar.

Yet dolmeh never became part of my own culinary repertoire. I found them fiddly, time consuming. Life is too short to stuff a grape leaf, I thought. Until, that is, I cooked them with Çizge Yalkın and her grandmother, Nahide Köşkeroğlu, in a village just outside the Cypriot capital, Nicosia. Their Turkish-Cypriot version, filled with tomato-and-mint-flecked rice, held the flavors of the region’s sun-kissed soil and turquoise waters. I was sold.

I had visited Cyprus to learn how the food culture of the island tells a wider story of migration. Cyprus’s position in the most easterly corner of the Mediterranean Sea—at the nautical crossroads of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa—has made it the object of conquest over millennia. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans and British have all laid claim to the island, and diverse flavors run through its food culture. Despite its long history of migration and exchange, however, the island has, since 1974, been split rigidly in two: the Republic of Cyprus in the south, predominantly Greek-Cypriot, and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, predominantly Turkish-Cypriot. A UN-patrolled buffer zone divides them.

More Fermented Food Recipes & Tips:

I’ve been totally impressed with my Fermentools equipment. Here’s why:

  • The airlocks work with the jars I already have.
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This post is sponsored by Fermentools, which means they sent me one of their air lock systems so I could try it out. However, like everything I promote here on The Prairie Homestead, I don’t promote it unless I’m actually using it and loving it, which is absolutely the case here.

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Sparkling Raspberry Mojitos

We love a good cocktail and this Sparkling Raspberry Mojito is one that we enjoy often. The balance of tart, sweet, citrus, and mint flavors compliment the rum so perfectly. Then it&rsquos topped with Prosecco bubbles to make it all the more enjoyable. It&rsquos a festive cocktail that&rsquos perfect for spring through summer sipping!

This twist on the classic mojito is made a little tart with raspberries and extra refreshing with a splash of Prosecco. It&rsquos so perfect to serve for a spring brunch, poolside in the summer or just to make for yourself to enjoy on the patio with a good book. It&rsquos so easy to make yet so satisfying to sip on.

And the beauty of this cocktail is that you can make it for a crowd by prepping everything in a pitcher ahead of time, except for the Prosecco, and then top with the Prosecco once you&rsquore ready to serve them. I love a good cocktail that can be made in batches so we&rsquore not playing bartender the whole party.

I recently shared this refreshing Sparkling Raspberry Mojito recipe in the Spring 2020 Issue of IBB Home Magazine along with a beautiful Whipped Beet Ricotta, delicious Skillet Chicken Piccata and amazing Carrot Cake Cookies. It&rsquos sure to be a delicious spring with all of these beautiful recipes&hellip

I hope you enjoy this Sparkling Raspberry Mojito as much as we do. When you make it and share on social media, be sure to tag me @thebakermama so I can see. I love seeing you make and enjoy the recipes I share.

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